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I'm Thomas. I graduated from Matthew Flinders Anglican College in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.35, including subject awards in Specialist Mathematics and Music. I am presently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (honours)/Bachelor of Mathematics at UQ, where I live on-campus.
My year 12 grades were:
Music - 100
Specialist - 97
Methods - 99
Physics - 95
Chemistry - 97
My experiences as a student heavily invested in my school's music program means I know how to efficiently split my time between studies, extra-curricular and leisure, while also understanding that we can't be perfectly efficient all the time. Additionally, throughout grade 12 and beyond, I have tutored several students and helped them significantly elevate their mathematics grades, so you can rest assured that my tutoring comes from experience.
Outside of my studies, my passions lie in music and modelling. I practice both piano and tuba at a high level, and create scale models of various real-world places, especially amusement parks. Maintaining these hobbies throughout my studies was key to my academic successes, and I would be happy to share my tips with you.
Most of all, I am passionate and engaged about ensuring maximum success for my students, both in their studies and in life.



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