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Hey, my name is Taimen.

I graduated with an ATAR of 99.55 in 2022. I was also College Captain and the Overall Academic Year 12 and 11 Dux, receiving the highest marks in Physics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.
Next year, I am planning to do a dual degree - Bachelor of Engineering (honours)/Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Queensland in St Lucia. I'm also the recipient of the UQ Excellence Scholarship on 6k/year.

In my tutoring sessions I will plan to mentor and guide students to achieve their best results and obtain a greater understanding in the content of their school work. Providing tips and tricks that I found useful towards my success.
I can also provide high level assessments and notes for Year 12 subjects.

My results for Year 12 are the following:
Physics - 98
Chemistry - 96
Mathematical Methods - 97
Biology - 95
Specialist Mathematics - 93



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