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Hello! I’m Roan (think ‘Rone’), and I graduated from high school in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.65, which puts me roughly in the top 0.3% of QLD students. At my school, I achieved Grade 10, Grade 11 and Senior Dux in three consecutive years and finished 2022 with the top student award in Methods, Specialist, English, Economics, Chemistry and Physics. I am also a member of the prestigious UQ Young Achievers Program and am studying a Bachelor of Mathematics/Computer Science dual degree at UQ in 2023.
I managed to achieve all this coming from a small rural town of <500 people and attending a school over 35km away. Whilst undoubtedly difficult, my experience in senior schooling gifted me with the skills necessary to study efficiently and manage my time productively, knowledge I am keen to share with my students.
My goal is to support students by both raising their school grades all while accommodating time for them to enjoy being young. I understand that the demands of school, particularly Grade 12, can be overwhelming but by learning from my successes, and my mistakes, I hope to create a constructive tutoring environment and bolster the academic success of my students.



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