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Hello, my name is Kenny and I am a recent graduate in the class of 2022 of Brisbane State High School. Achieving a 98.85 ATAR, I received great scores in the high 90s in specialist maths, maths methods, philosophy and chemistry, including full marks on internal assessments for the 2 maths and philosophy.

In grade 12 I received:
Specialist - 95
Method - 96
Philosophy - 96
Chemistry - 95

When I can, I love to go gym in my free time and hang out with friends, and seeking for a fun end to my schooling, these ‘commitments’ were irrevocable. Balancing fun, extracurricular commitments and studies was difficult, but it taught me efficient study skills, time management and assessment organisation. All of which I’d love to share with you to not only elevate your studies but also your overall school life.

With a passion for guiding and teaching others, I’ve taught peers and those younger than me consistently over the last 2 years. I can offer guidance on study skills, time management and personally curated resources that assisted me to a great school career.



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