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Hi, my name is Ishaan and I graduated high school with an ATAR of 97.80 and was awarded a QCAA Commendation Award, the subject prize for Digital Solutions and an English Scholarship. After receiving many offers to study medicine across the country I have decided to study a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at James Cook University. 
My subjects and marks were as follows:
Chemistry - 94
Biology - 93
Digital Solutions - 93
English - 91
Physics - 90
Maths Methods - 87

In Year 11 I was working hard and had the help of tutors and my school but I still wasn’t getting anywhere I needed to be. After reflecting on my approach, I saw I was working hard but not with the support and approach required. With the assistance of a recent Year 12 graduate who knew everything about the new QCE system I was able to channel my effort in all the right areas and learnt the vital skills needed to achieve top marks leading to where I am today.

After going through the new QCE system, refining my study skills and gaining an understanding of how to achieve success to live my dream. My goal is to assist students to excel academically and reach their goals by teaching them the skills and tips and tricks I learnt which can also be used after school in many other areas which develops them as a person also.



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