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Hi, I just graduated in 2022 as the DUX of St Paul's School at Bald Hills with an ATAR of 99.75 and sat the UCAT for a score of 3040. I'm incredibly passionate about the sciences and maths and I believe that this is reflected within my results and should you choose me as your tutor, within my ability to teach. I've tutored privately in the past, teaching students from Year 5-11 and have taught students that suffer from Asplerger's syndrome and dyscalculia. I have resources from interstate courses and have also created some of my own resources for efficient revision. I have received a medical offer at USQ and Flinders University and am currently studying in the latter.
My ATAR results were as follows:
Physics: 94
Specialist Mathematics: 95
Mathematical Methods: 96
Literature: 96
English and Literature Extension: 96
Chemistry: 98

I've set my hourly rate at a relatively high cost as I intend to focus on limited students and being available during off-hours for assignment consultation. I am happy to offer the first two weeks at half price.



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