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Welcome welcome, my name is Faisal Sidiqi and I just graduated (2022) after an insane year at Whites Hill State College. Year 12 was stressful, intense but also the best year I've ever had at school. I was heavily involved in leadership as college captain but I didn't let that stop me from being active in the gym and tap into my interest in the martial arts. This balance kept that vital healthy mind-healthy body cycle intact throughout the whole year. Despite such a heavy workload, I managed to stay on top of everything and receive one of the highest ATARs my school had ever had, something that you can do too!

I absolutely loved how methodical math and science became after understanding the blueprint to the syllabus. While I don't have much professional tutoring experience, my underground tutoring services during walks to class and right before exams to my friends makes me feel very confident in giving you a hand. I have mastered assignment work for both maths and the science IA2/3s with a couple of exemplars that are very broken down. I also have a bank of theory and concept content on other social platforms (soon to come) that will definitely help out as well. I am planning to study pharmacy and secure my place in Medicine at UQ in the near future. Let's do this šŸ¦¾



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