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Hi I'm Daniel!

I graduated as Dux of Mountain Creek State High School in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.80. Scoring over 95 for Methods, Specialist, Physics, and Chemistry (as well as 93 for Literature), I was awarded the Fairfax Award for Academic Excellence by local MP Ted O'Brien and the Methods Subject Prize for the highest mark in Queensland (100). Based off these results, I was awarded the UQ Excellence Scholarship which has enabled me to pursue a dual degree of Mathematics and Physics at UQ.

I have extensive tutoring experience, beginning in 2020 as a volunteer in my school's tutoring program to support younger students. In 2022, I was employed by Leo Blore's Extended Learning Centres, one of the top tutoring institutions on the Sunshine Coast, and now in Brisbane I work with Brisbane Boys' College tutoring senior Indigenous students. Additionally, I have experience tutoring online with students from both Queensland and NSW.

Moving from South Africa at the end of 2020, I had to start from scratch in Year 11. However this forced me to learn the Queensland system from the ground up and develop a greater understanding than most students into what it takes to succeed in QCAA. I believe success in Year 11/12 comes down to three key things - learning how to visualise content, knowing what to put in assignments, and developing effective exam strategies. That's why I offer not only in-depth explanations of difficult concepts, but also detailed assignment breakdowns that take the guesswork out of ISMGs as well as tried and tested exam tactics (study techniques, exam time management, mindset under exam pressure, and more!) to help turn your Bs into As!



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