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Hello there 😄

My name is Andrew Nguyen and I was a 2022 graduate of the prestigious Brisbane State High School. I finished my high school journey with an overall ATAR ranking of 99.70 with results of:

Physics 98
Maths Methods 98
Specialist Maths 97
Chemistry 97
Chinese 96
Literature 92

However, having gone through rigorous QCE assessments and exams I realise results don't just speak for themselves. The effective study techniques and tips I acquired and utilised throughout my high school journey are what enabled me to achieve these high scores. Through my tutelage, I can also teach you to develop these life-saving study habits too that maximise results whilst maintaining appropriate life structure.

I am looking to guide high school students from Years 7-12 in their journey to academic success. With the resources and expertise I have acquired from 6 years of schooling, I have the materials to assist you on your learnings and your road to success. In addition, with 24/7 online help, I am able to answer and explain any further queries you may have. Having gone through the QCE system I understand the importance of learning effective study habits and building foundations at an early age as well as practising and honing those skills in the later years.

This is why I am also willing to tutor primary students from Years 4-6 who require that foundation and early boost in their academic journey. Developing effective techniques early on is crucial to avoid destructive habits that will have to be unlearnt later on, hindering later success.

I am located in Macgregor, Queensland and am willing to travel to tutor around Brisbane's South Side. Additionally, I am also able to tutor at Garden City Library and the State Library of Queensland, as well as providing online tutoring via Zoom.



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