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Hi! My name is Amir and I graduated from Anglican Church Grammar School in 2022, achieving a 99.90 ATAR. At university, I intend to study Medicine at Griffith University. I believe my passion for learning and applying my skills makes medicine a suitable choice, alongside with receiving the benefit of achieving patient satisfaction and forming meaningful relationships. Early throughout my schooling experience, I possessed a stark passion for learning and pursued that within my studies. In particular, I always loved the Maths and Sciences, achieving overall 99 in Methods, Specialist, Chemistry, Physics and Japanese. My first thoughts of becoming a tutor stemmed from when my classmates would reach out for support, and I loved the process of guiding them through a challenging question. During my two final years at school, I voluntarily participated in peer tutoring once a week, where alongside my studies, I would help the junior students with their academic encounters as they progressed to senior years. This experience gave me an insight into the life of a tutor and tested my strategies, so I could decipher what worked best. The school provided me with numerous textbook resources for all subjects which I still have available. Likewise, I have the OneNote saved from all my classes containing numerous questions and past exams accessible to my students, which were ultimately my major resource. My goal is to support students through their academic challenges and provide them with the assistance required to find what works best for themselves, as everybody’s learning style is different. I focus on explaining why/how certain problems work as I believe this allows them to develop the fundamentals and successfully progress through the QCE/IB system.



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